Note: tuition rates listed are based on most current information available on school websites; rates and financial aid availability change frequently, so speak with a financial aid counselor before planning your education. Rates listed here DO NOT include estimated cost of living expenses (room and board, books and supplies, etc.)


Atelier Meridian

820 N River St, Studio B-1

Portland 97227

503 729 9013


Atelier Meridian is a printmaking studio that hosts classes in monotype and other print processes, and offers 24-hour access to printmaking facilities to its member artists.  Equipment includes presses and materials for intaglio, monotype, relief, and screen printing. Membership is $100 per month and includes a 20% discount on workshop fees. Print Arts Northwest members, seniors, and full-time students receive a 10% discount on membership fees.  

Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A; workshops range from $50-$250


Free School PDX


Free School is a series of no-cost workshops on topics ranging from fabric painting to auto mechanics, with an emphasis on visual arts and craft.  The organization is volunteer-run and aims to build community through free opportunities for learning and creativity; its workshops are held at Grapefruits and at other locations around Portland.  


Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A /free


Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)


Portland 97214

503 827 0249


IPRC is a nonprofit resource center that provides education and access to facilities and equipment for publishing literature and artwork.  Facilities include letterpress, screen printing, and binding, and in addition to workshops on a range of subjects, the center offers a certificate program that prepares students for career in many publishing, art, and media related fields.  Memberships require $75 in dues per year, and include access to facilities and discounted workshop rates.


Degrees offered: none, offers certificate programs in several subject areas

Price for one year of full-time attendance: varies; certificate program, $850/semester (2-3 semesters); workshops typically $50-$250 per session (members receive discounted rates)

Multnomah Arts Center

7688 SW Capitol HWY

Portland 97219

503 823 2787

The Multnomah Arts Center (MAC) is a community organization that provides affordable, year-round workshops in visual and performing arts to students of all ages.  MAC also hosts gallery exhibitions, performances, and other events. MAC is operated by Portland Parks & Recreation. 

Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A; class sessions range from $15-200


Northwest Film Center

934 SW Salmon

Portland 97205

503 221 1156


The Northwest Film Center has offered media arts resources and services to the Portland region since 1971.  The theater screens educational films and juried showcases such as the Portland International Film Festival, and the center hosts a variety of educational programs for youth and adults as well as equipment access and support for local filmmakers.


Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A; workshops range from $55-1,145


Open Signal

2766 NE MLK Jr Blvd

Portland 97212

503 288 1515


Open Signal (formerly Portland Community Media) helps to support and promote non-commercial media made and distributed in the Portland area.  Open Signal broadcasts community-produced television programming on six channels,offers youth and adult education on topics related to media production, and provides access to technical equipment and facilities. The organization engages with Portland’s contemporary arts communities by facilitating artist lectures, installations, residencies, and more.  


Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A; workshops and camps range from $0-365


Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC)

8245 SW Barnes Rd

Portland 97225

503 297 5544


OCAC is an accredited private college offering BFA (bachelor of fine arts) and MFA (master of fine arts) degrees in a variety of media, as well as post-baccalaureate and certificate programs.  The school’s curriculum is centered around traditional craft materials and processes such as ceramics, fiber arts, book making, metalworking, and more. Its campus offers many specialized arts facilities and amenities to its students.  Non-credit adult and youth courses and summer intensives (non-credit and credit) are also available.


Degrees offered: BFA, MFA

Price for one year of full-time attendance: BFA, $34,850 (including fees); MFA, $38,487 (including fees); Non-credit adult courses $100-300 per session; summer intensives (non-credit or credit) ~$2500-3500


Outlet PDX

2500 NE Sandy BLVD STE E



Outlet is a studio space and pop-up shop that also hosts workshops on topics like risograph printing and illustration.


Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A, workshops range from $25-$200


Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)

511 NW Broadway

Portland 97209

503 226 4391


PNCA is an accredited private college of art and design that offers BFA degrees, MFA/MA degrees, and post-baccalaureate and certificate programs in a variety of discipline areas including visual studies, graphic design, critical theory, photography, print media, and more.  The school was founded in 1909 and was once known as the Museum School for its former location within the Portland Art Museum. The school also offers non-credit community education for adults.


Degrees offered: BFA, MFA/MA

Price for one year of full-time attendance: BFA, $37,500; MFA in Visual Studies, Collaborative Design, Print Media, $37,200; other MFA programs from $24,800-36,500; Post-Baccalaureate, $37,500; community education $150-$450 per session (degree programs require add’l fees avg. $2,000/yr)


Portland Community College (PCC)

Several campus locations throughout the city

971 722 8888


PCC is an accredited, publicly operated post-secondary institution that offers affordable education programs to a diverse student body from the Portland area.  Classes taken at PCC can supplement an educational program, build career skills, or prepare students to transfer to a four year college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree.  Art courses are offered in a variety of discipline areas, including painting, ceramics, printmaking, art history, and more.


Degrees offered: no art-specific degrees, students may use coursework to transfer to four-year institutions

Price for one year of full-time attendance: varies according to  course load; $111/credit  (resident) $246/credit (non-resident), credit requirements vary between programs (12 credits/semester - $2,664 resident, $5,904 non-resident); college fees avg. <$100/term; non-credit courses priced individually


Portland State University (PSU)

School of Art and Design

1990-2000 SW 5th Ave

Portland 97201

503 725 3515


Portland State University (PSU) is an accredited public university that offers BFA and MFA degrees through its School of Art and Design in Southwest Portland.  MFA degrees are offered in studio practice (painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc.) and social practice (in which social interactions, public engagement, and political activism are presented as artworks.)  The school offers a large university library and many other student facilities.


Degrees offered: BFA/BA/BS, MFA

Price for one year of full-time attendance: (15 credits/semester): BFA, $8,208 (resident)/$27,720 (non-resident); MFA, $19,539 (resident)/ $30,384 (non-resident)(degree programs require add’l fees avg. $2800/yr)


Public Annex


Public Annex is a nonprofit organization that coordinates inclusive arts education and urban farming programs.  Art workshops are open to the public, and are designed to welcome artists with developmental disabilities. Public Annex receives some of its funding from RACC.  


Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A; workshops $5


Radius Art Studio

322 SE Morrison



Radius is a cooperative art studio in Southeast Portland that offers individual and shared space for its 50+ members, including facilities for painting, ceramics, and printmaking.  The studio also offers workshops in many of these disciplines.


Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A; workshops range from $50-$250


Reed College

3023 SE Woodstock Blvd

Portland 97202

503 771 1122


Reed is a private liberal arts college in Southeast Portland that has gained a reputation as a rigorous and politically progressive institution over its 100+ year history.  The school offers studio arts as a major within a BA program, and has also partnered with PNCA to offer a five year dual-institution visual arts degree. Reed’s campus features a nature preserve with walking trails that is open to the public, and is home to the Cooley art gallery.  


Degrees offered: BA, dual-institution visual arts degree with PNCA

Price for one year of full-time attendance: $56,030 (not including college fees and other expenses)


St Johns Clay Collective

Cathedral Park Place #110
6635 N Baltimore Ave
Portland, 97203

503 442 9483


St Johns Clay Collective offers ceramics instruction and facilities to the community through classes and open studio access.  


Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A; classes average $150 per session, monthly memberships are $200



601 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Portland 97202

503 310 3344


Wildcraft offers courses and workshops in a variety of traditional craft media, including weaving, natural dyes, Native basketry, and more.  The school also hosts weekend intensives at its original location on a farm in White Salmon, WA.


Degrees offered: none

Price for one year of full-time attendance: N/A; workshops typically priced from $100-300