Several locations in Portland


ActivSpace owns buildings in several West coast cities including Portland.  Studios range in size and amenities, and leases are generally month-to-month. Check website for vacancies.  


ADX Maker Space

417 SE 11th Avenue
Portland, 97214

503 915 4342


ADX is a membership-based workspace that offers shared access to facilities for woodworking, metalworking, screen printing, digital fabrication, and more.  They also provide custom fabrication services for businesses and individuals.


Atelier Meridian

820 N River St, Studio B-1

Portland 97227

503 729 9013


Atelier Meridian is a printmaking studio that hosts classes in monotype and other print processes, and offers 24-hour access to printmaking facilities to its member artists.  Equipment includes presses and materials for intaglio, monotype, relief, and screen printing. Membership is $100 per month and includes a 20% discount on workshop fees. Print Arts Northwest members, seniors, and full-time students receive a 10% discount on membership fees.  


Bite Studio

2000 SE 7th Ave

Portland 97214


Bite Studio is a shared print studio with over 25 member artists.  The studio offers equipment for screen printing, intaglio, relief and other print processes, and provides 24-hour access, storage, rag service, and other amenities to members, who pay $100 per month for their membership.  The studio also opens its doors for First Friday exhibitions that showcase the work of its member artists.


Broad Space
425 SE 3rd Ave #305
Portland, OR 97214


Broad Space is a studio collective for women-identified artists that offers work space and networking opportunities.  


Civilian Studios

2210 N Lewis Ave

Portland 97227

503 476 2716


Civilian Studios offers work space to artists working in many disciplines at its converted warehouse space in North Portland’s industrial neighborhood. Door to building is secure, and wifi is included in studio rents. Check the studio’s Facebook page for availability.  





Individual and shared studio spaces can often be found under “office/commercial” in the real estate section.  

Flight 64

Near the intersection of NE 30th & NE Alberta,

in the courtyard of Bella Pizza

Portland 97211


Flight 64 is a member-run nonprofit printmaking cooperative that has provided access to printing presses and equipment to its member artists since 2003.  The studio includes equipment for screen printing, intaglio, relief, lithography, letterpress, and more print processes. Artists share their work with the community during open studio exhibitions on Last Thursdays .  


Hey Ceramics Studio

NE 42nd Ave



Hey Studio is a shared ceramics workspace in Northeast Portland.  Visit website to see currently available communal and dedicated spaces.


Radius Art Studio

322 SE Morrison



Radius is a cooperative art studio in Southeast Portland that offers individual and shared space for its 50+ members, including facilities for painting, ceramics, and printmaking.  The studio also offers workshops in many of these disciplines.


The Palace

1505 N Bryant St

Portland, 97217


The Palace is a studio building in North Portland that offers work space and workshops on a variety of art and design related topics.  


Portland Art Studios

Many locations throughout the city


Portland Art Studios manages studio spaces in historic buildings in various locations throughout Portland.  Most of its buildings are located in industrial neighborhoods in North Portland, check website for vacancies.